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The looks of your business represents how you do business. Let us make the improvements to your parking lot and provide a nice appearance for your customer or clients.  Avoid unhappy customers who gets a dent on their doors because your lot wasn’t clearly marked.  Provide a way to direct them to be safe and avoid problems in the future. Allow Quality Asphalt Maintenance to get the job done!

Call us today for a quote!  We offer competitive prices on all jobs, large or small.

Sealcoating asphalt protects the pavement and extends the life of your investment from the effects of water and sun. Sun, wind and water causes the asphalt to become brittle so it will harden and crack.  Water will soak in the cracks and expands when it freezes to pry up the existing asphalt and destroy it.  Sealcoating provides a waterproof membrane which helps the pavement to shed water, preventing it from entering the base material. Seal coating also help with surface friction.  It adds texture and covers the aggregate to make it less slippery. Over time traffic will remove the surface layer and make it smooth and polished, the roadway may become slippery, making it difficult to stop quickly.